As a banking executive, you may wish you could serve all companies that approach you. Unfortunately, as part of a regulated institution, there are limits to what you can do. When the needs of your clients outgrow your risk tolerance, Veritas is happy to step in.

We regularly work with borrowers that may not be attractive loan candidates for you, providing $2 – $20 million senior secured credit solutions to clients across various industries. 

We do not provide services beyond lending, so our interest is never to entice your client away from using your services in the future. In fact, depending on your business model, referring your people to us may be the best thing you ever do for client retention. 

We move swiftly through all the phases of our process, making sure that the client gets the financing they need, when they need it, not 6 months later. To a client navigating their business through a transition, an introduction to a team who can help fast is invaluable. Instead of going out to find a bank with a greater risk appetite, they will gladly stay with you, driving fee generation for years to come. 

With us, term loans are possible up to 35% of the overall credit facility. Prepayment penalties can be reduced or even waived in the event of you refinancing the loan. All terms are established on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that every deal we make is a win-win-win, with speed and certainty for everyone involved.  

Have a business in mind already? Whether their business is manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, or business services, ours is guaranteed to be a solution they will want to consider.


Here at Veritas, we do deals. 

As an investment banker, you are familiar with those. The investment of time and energy they require, the staggering cost of those that fall through, the disproportionate reward of those that are closed successfully. 

Granted, that success is not something any lender is free to guarantee to every client every time. What we do guarantee, however, is speedy decision making, flawless execution, a flexible approach, and superior transparency at every stage of the process. 

Every deal is worked on by a team of sophisticated, creative, aggressive underwriters who overcommunicate and overdeliver. We don't take long to give a "yes" or a "no", and every "yes" we give is backed by internal key decision makers' evaluation, as well as the $2 billion asset manager that sponsors us. That way, we never have to go back on our word or waste any of the precious time - our own, yours, or that of your clients. 

We are well-capitalized. We are well-versed in creative financing solutions. We are well-respected within the industry. We are well-loved by our referral partners and the clients whose business they have sent to us. 

Contact <...> if there is one you are aiming to close soon. We will do our best to see it through for you.


Long-term business relationships are kept alive and healthy by mutual respect and tremendous value delivered consistently. There are times when the value of the right name or phone number is truly immeasurable. To a transitioning business in need of flexible financing, Veritas could be that name. 

When you refer your client to Veritas, we understand the value of not just the referral, but the relationship itself, and we are honored to be brought into it. With us, you can be certain that that relationship will always be treated with the utmost respect that it deserves, helping you retain your client over decades to come. 

Throughout the process, we maintain complete transparency with all parties involved. We make our decisions as quickly as the circumstances allow, enabling the expeditious resolution of the client's situation. The solutions we offer are always creative, flexible, designed with the optimal outcome in mind.

We bring the same respect to our long-term relationships with our referral partners, as well. As a big firm that does a lot of business, we know the immense value of a continuous bilateral conversation with partners we can trust. At Veritas, both you and your client are in good hands.

To start a conversation about a potential borrower, please contact <...>


A decision to refer a client to Veritas is one you will never be made to regret, whether you're a chief banking executive, a turnaround advisor, a partner at a law firm, or an investment banker. Whatever your relationship with your client, we aim to help you maximize its value, and always look good. 

  • We are a large, stable firm with big plans and capital to lend.
  • We are a team of sophisticated professionals committed to delivering superior flexibility, speed, and certainty. 
  • We are guaranteed to be an introduction your client will thank you for making. Whether we end up making a deal or not.
The Veritas team did an exceptional job of understanding our business and the strength of our brands to generate future business and propel ourselves into another 75 years of success.
— Ron Roberts