As a banking executive, you may wish you could serve all companies that approach you. Unfortunately, as part of a regulated institution, there are limits to what you can do. When the needs of your clients outgrow your risk tolerance, Veritas can provide a solution that allows you to retain a banking relationship.

We regularly work with borrowers that may not be attractive loan candidates for you, providing $2 – $20 million senior secured credit solutions to clients across various industries. 

We do not provide services beyond lending, so our interest is never to entice your client away from using your services in the future. In fact, depending on your business model, referring your clients to us may be the best thing you ever do for client retention. 

We move swiftly through all the phases of our process, making sure that the client gets the financing they need, when they need it, not 6 months later. To a client navigating their business through a transition, an introduction to a team who can help fast is invaluable. Instead of searching for another bank with a greater risk appetite, they will have a solution that allows them to remain your client.   

Have a business in mind already? Whether their business is manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, or business services, Veritas will work aggressively to provide a compelling solution.

The Veritas team did an exceptional job of understanding our business and the strength of our brands to generate future business and propel ourselves into another 75 years of success.
— Ron Roberts