Mark Seigel


The day Veritas first got financing, I was at a company-wide bowling trip. 

There’s extra meaning to that first “yes". It becomes an integral part of your story, the moment you remember 40 years after the fact, talking to your grandson over his first scotch. 

More so than getting that degree (BSc in Economics from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania).

More so than that first job (TM Capital, a boutique investment bank).

Your first important “yes” is different from any other milestone. It’s an actual win. Something you created.

Ours came when I was bowling. As luck would have it, I rolled a strike, still on the phone with the bank. Success seems to always breed success. 

That “yes” wasn’t the only one that’s ever mattered for Veritas. Many exciting things have happened since, milestones reached and future milestones conceived. Having co-founded the company in 2011, I’ve since led its operations, finance, marketing and business development departments. In my current capacity as president, I watch over the firm’s overall growth and the relationships that enable us to do what we do. I’ve come to know every aspect inside and out. 

Still, it’s our clients that fascinate me most. People of unparalleled passion, determination and perseverance. People whose lives will make for great stories over scotch someday. People who deserve a dignified “yes” or a no less dignified “not today”. 

The kind Veritas specializes in. The kind that are wins for us, too.

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