David Bueno

Vice President

As Vice President and Business Development Officer, I leverage the communication skills I've developed, as well as technology available to us, to lead business development and marketing efforts for Veritas nationwide.

I have graduated from Florida International University with a degree in International Relations. 
I have spent several years in various sales and marketing roles across industries.
I have mastered 3 foreign languages.

It can be said that my entire professional journey so far has revolved around having more effective conversations. 

I have worked in business long enough to know it's crucial to believe in what you are doing and the company you work for. As someone who prioritizes superior communication, I find Veritas easy to believe in. The transparency and expertise demonstrated at every stage of the process here, make us not just easy to talk to, but easy to talk about, which is invaluable in acquiring new business. 

It is my job to know our clients, and I see many of them coming to us at a point where their success is starting to be perceived as unlikely. For a business in transition, no matter how big they are, that has more weight than just the unfavorable public opinion. At times, one bad deal is enough to turn one into an unattractive borrower, cutting them off from the financing they need.

At Veritas, we can empower a business to continue. We offer them a solution more flexible than that readily available at their bank. Ultimately, our assistance allows another success story to be written.

Someday, it may be an inspiration to read. 

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