Gregg Simpson

Senior Vice President

Over the course of my career of nearly 40 years, I’ve worked for both banks and independent finance companies,  gained experience in various asset based lending roles, opened and managed three very profitable regional operational offices, and dealt with borrowers hailing from a multitude of industries and business circumstances. What I’ve found is that on any level and in any situation, one's best bet is to err on the side of excellence.

My biggest strong point in any transaction is being able to identify any possible issues early on and then work towards alleviating or at least mitigating the issues while being completely honest with the prospective borrower and Veritas.  In fact, my whole philosophy of success boils down to something very simple: I’ve “made it” every time I’ve put my best effort forward. That’s how I know I keep the reputation I’ve earned. It’s also how you know I’ll always do everything in my power to see you, your business, and your situation for what they are, and create the ideal solution for everyone involved.   

As Senior Vice President and Business Development Officer of Veritas, I use my unique insight and abilities to nurture relationships and take our clients from prospect to the closing of the loan as smoothly and efficiently as circumstance allows, ensuring that our offer is structured in a way that best helps them overcome their financial difficulties. 

It's my job. It's the right thing to do. I am committed to both.

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