Here at Veritas, we do deals. 

As an investment banker, you are familiar with those. The investment of time and energy they require, the staggering cost of those that fall through, the disproportionate reward of those that are closed successfully. 

Granted, that success is not something any lender is free to guarantee to every client every time. What we do guarantee, however, is speedy decision making, flawless execution, a flexible approach, and superior transparency at every stage of the process. 

Every deal is executed by a team of sophisticated, creative, responsive professionals who over communicate and over deliver. We don't take long to give a "yes" or a "no", and every "yes" we give is backed by internal key decision makers' evaluation. That way, we never have to go back on our word or waste any of the precious time - our own, yours, or that of your clients. 

We are well-capitalized. We are well-versed in creative financing solutions. We are well-respected within the industry. We are well-appreciated by our referral partners and the clients whose business they have sent to us. 

The Veritas team did an exceptional job of understanding our business and the strength of our brands to generate future business and propel ourselves into another 75 years of success.
— Ron Roberts