Antanas (Tony) Liobis

Vice Chairman & Chief Credit Officer

When a business owner needs a loan, their first call is usually their bank. The reasons for that are multifold: people turn to what they know, a bank is the default loan provider in the minds of most, but also, especially in times of turmoil, we all seek out certainty and stability. That certainty is often associated with all things old, Swiss, and conservative.

In truth, banks are not the only place reliable financing partners can be found. With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, executive roles across the specialty finance landscape including Ares Management, Keltic Financial, Bank of America, Fleet Capital, NatWest Bank and Citibank, I've had plenty of exposure to all things conservative. Today, I am proud Vice Chairman and Chief Credit Officer of Veritas. 

Like you, I understand that business is a serious thing and so is money. 

Like you, I would never be part of an organization that treated either frivolously.

Just like any 200-year-old bank, Veritas doesn’t. 

What makes us different is that we look beyond what your company looks like on paper, and when we see potential, we are happy to help it be realized. As conservatively or innovatively as your business plan says. As safely and securely as any other option you might be looking at. Old banker's word. 

Veritas Financial Partners
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